Unique fashion is what we do at Unique Boutique International LLC. We bring different colors, patterns, and styles. We are located at 122 S Michigan St, Suite 110 South Bend, IN 46601.
As a child, I worked at my mom's business. Hair Affair was my mom's fashion diva platform and an eye opener for me, I watched my mom grow her business. My job was cleaning areas and the hair tools and offering magazines, beverages, snacks, makeup, and jewelry to the clients.

I started a community open pop-up and shop in the 90s. I would communicate with the city and vacant lot owners to use the space and set up the unique items that I research from a 250-mile radius. Bringing the fashions and trends to my community.

One day my son said, mom, we cannot watch tv in the living room because of all the boxes. merchandise and racks So it was time to move to a brick-and-mortar store. The community responded with support and encouragement I connected with some DJs, cosmetologists, and dancers with more fashion divas to have a community fashion show from far and near. What a wonderful time.

Unique Boutique INT LLC collaborates with a non-profit H.O.T Hear Our Tears.
The H.O.T organization has free community monthly D.V awareness meetings.
We provide the space and a light snack. The group has discussions as, to what is stonewalling or gaslighting.? They ask questions like, do you know about the power and control wheel? If anyone here feels that they are in a toxic and unhealthy relationship living space and there is a gun in the house the chances of fatalities increases 6X. Unique Boutique donates 10% of proceeds to H.O.T.

Unique Boutique INT LLC researches unique different apparel and gift items from far and near. Diversity and Inclusion with awesome vibes and conversations happen right here at UBI.